Who Has Access
Communicable disease related information confidential; release of information by consent or according to §36-664(A)(1)-(12)

Physicians and surgeons in most cases (§12-2235)

Mandatory Reporting
Nonaccidental injuries, malnourishment, physical neglect, sexual abuse, or other deprivation with intent to cause or allow injury or death of minor child must be reported to peace officer or child protective services.
Such reports are confidential and may be used only in authorized judicial or administrative proceedings(§13-3620); reports and records about abused or incapacitated adult may only be used in authorized judicial or administrative proceedings (§46-454).

Patient Waiver

Insurance Purposes

Any release of information must specifically authorize HIV-related information. Person with confidential HIV-related information may not be compelled to disclose information by subpoena, search warrant, or other judicial process, but may report if there is
an identifiable third party at risk; no prohibition from listing in death certificate (§36-664)

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